Euro Fintec 844 Deburring Machine

Euro Fintec 844 Deburring Machine

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Abrasive belt deburring machine

Abrasive belt deburring machine for corners on linear pieces cutted by sharing machine, punching presses with micro-joints, plasma or laser. It makes chamfer in one stroke on both sides ofthe corner. Conveyor belt at variable speed orientable up to 30°.

Weight 295 kg
Dimension 800 x 600 x 1480 mm
Machine model Eurofintec 844
Belt size 900 x 35 mm
Motor power 0,26 kW

Eurofintec abrsive belt deburring machine 844 designed for corners on flat cutted pieces, it makes chamfers on both sides in one pass. Equipped with cabinet basement which support the conveyor belt at variable speed, orientable up to 30° for helping insert and automatic alignment of the pieces.

The operating head is equipped with two crossed free abrasive belt that allow to make chamfers from 0,1 to 1 mm on every material with thickness from 0,2 up to 30 mm. The chamfer can be adjust through the conveyor belt variable speed.

A supplementar roller is available for pieces bigger than 1000 mm, in order to extend the support table.

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