Euro Fintec 135 Automatic Belt Grinding Machine

Euro Fintec 135 Automatic Belt Grinding Machine

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Automatic abrasive belt grinding machine

Automatic abrasive belt grinding machinefor welded corners, suitable for processing metal boxes up to 1500 mm width. One operating head with oscillating fork with free belt.

Eurofintec grinding machine model 135, one operating head for cleaning welded corners of metal boxes. Equipped with carriage for longitudinal handling of working head with recirculating ball bearing guides, motoreduction and trapezoidal screw and nut transmission. Carriage for transversal handling of working head, with recirculating ball bearing guides, pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valve.

Pneumatic system for piece clamping piece. The head moves towards the piece at the speed set by the operator, at the end of the process the head stops. The process of the second corner begins from the point where the head stops, without necessity to come back at zero point.

Electric cabinet in metal box with inverter for the adjustment of the processing speed of the head, relay for timing of the entry and exit of the head, locking system of the vice

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