Polishing and Finishing Processes

Southern Engineering Equipment offer robot systems and solutions that can offer the following finishes on your products: Polishing, Brushed, Random Finish, Orbital Finish, Dressing, Brushed, Swirled and Polished. 

We offer a complete range of polishing machines starting from entry level back-stand machines through to large production machines.

We also supply all types of polishing compounds, mops and consumables and have the benefit of a dedicated in-house consumable expert for technical advice and product support. 

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Polishing Machines

We offer metal polishing machines from different machine builders that uses high quality abrasives to make the surface smooth. These machines can also be used polish soft metals as well. We offer range of polishing machines. 

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TS 1060-1330

Finishing Machines

We also offer machines to give high quality finish to metal components. We offer range of finishing machines from top machines and tools builders in Europe.
We are the UK dealers for Lissmac Machines (Germany) and offer the surface finishing machines from the manufacturer. The STEELMASTER series of Lissmac offers individual configuration options tailored to the requirements for high quality surface finishing, both in dry and wet grinding processes.

SMD 123 RE

we also sell the VG Machines (Belgium) for finishing the metal components. There are range of VG machines available which providesgreat quality of finishing. These machines can be used for straight grain finishing.

There are various VG machines that helps with the finishing process.

3C + 3C
2C+TB (T-650)
A300 Series

You can call us on 01202 830844 or send an email to general@see-machinery.co.ukto arrange for free technical advice or to get more information about any machine or tools.