Surface Grinding

We offer the highest quality solutions for grinding of plates and sheets, as well as seam weld grinding. The surface grinding is the preconditions for the functional process flow, i.e. for production of composite materials by rolling or explosion cladding, or for production of acid resistant surface with specified qualities. Even to create an Anti-Slip surface by cross grain or design-surfaces on parts out of steel, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, copper etc. and other contact-area preparation for production process.

Grinding process image
metal component after deslagging process

Edge Bevelling and Grinding

We offer the highest quality German built Kuhlmeyer edge bevelling and grinding machines for seam weld preparation of plate. These machines are available in different configurations depending on the application. These machines are available to grind edges from -45° to +88°. The machines have stock removal rates of between 80cmᶟ/min up to 180cmᶟ/min.

Our machines are designed to either grind and clean the edges, prepare a required bevel and to clean off the primer paint in the welding areas. These machines are usually stationary machines fixed to the floor and will be equipped with material handling, conveying and transportation devices. The final installation on customers site consists even a housing for noise and dust protection with exhaust system.

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Weld Dressing

The German built Kuhlmeyer ZBS machines are the industry standard for weld dressing machines. These are suitable for the removal of welded edges and the perfect blending of the surrounding grain structure in the same direction as the rest of the component. Many companies have tried to copy the Kuhlmeyermachine with lower cost machines, however none are as robust and easy to use as a Kuhlmeyer. 

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Grinding Machines from Kuhlmeyer

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