Southern Engineering Equipment offer a complete range of dry and wet working machines that are for the removal of vertical burrs caused by laser cutting, plasma cutting, oxy fuel cutting, punching etc.

We have the benefit of being able to offer machines from the top European machine builders:

We offer top and bottom working machines as well as standard top working machines.  We are happy visit and discuss your requirements and process some parts and prove the process.

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Available Deburring Machines

TS 1060-1330
TS 1060-1330

Flat Components

Southern Engineering Equipment offer several solutions for deburring the flat sheets and metal and provide best results for both single-sided deburring and grinding as well as two-sided deburring and grinding.

Shaped Components

This falls into three categories:

Sheet metal enclosures and shaped parts

Kuhlmeyer (GmbH)are the premier supplier of this type of machinery and technology.
We have over 80 of these machines installed within the UK. Used for weld dressing, grinding and final finishing/ component dressing.

3D components

If you need to ensure your 3D component is free of burrs and perfectly clean, the Sugino JCCmachine is the technology for you. A very high-pressure water jet machine working at a pressure of 50MPa. A machine manufactured in Japan of the highest quality as you would expect  

Vibratory bowl deburring systems

We offer a complete range of vibratory bowl deburring systems.
These vibratory machines are available in various sizes starting from Ø800mm up to Ø1500mm.
These machines have been in the European market since 1975. 

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Edge Radiusing

We can offer several solutions for edge radiusing, this process creates a safe edge along with a non-directional finish. This process gives you a very constant edge radius. S.E.E. again can offer various machine solutions from top rotary brush working machines with a very low power consumption and small footprint, as well as a top and bottom rotary brush machines, and of course a large wide bed top and bottom machines. We can offer working widths available in 300mm, 600mm, 950mm, 1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm.

We are happy to visit and offer free consultation and advise on the best solution for your applications.

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Slag grinding

Slag grinding is a heavy-duty grinding process and requires a very robust machine for the removal of Plasma and Oxy-Acetylene burrs. S.E.E. have several specialist machine solutions for this deburring and finishing process including edge rounding and the removal of the side oxide layer. By removing the side oxide layer this creates a better surface for welding. Generally, plasma cut parts are not flat, we have machines that can grind and accommodate plate that has up to 6mm bow, the grinding head will follow the plate profile which gives a constant ground surface finish.

Call 01202 830844 to arrange for free technical advice and product testing

metal component after deslagging process