TS 1060-1330
TS 1060-1330
C+2TB (C150)
2C+TB (T-650)
LS Series

Southern Engineering Equipment offer a complete range of dry and wet working grinding machines that are for graining and creating surface finishes, the vertical burrs are also removed during this process.

The vertical burrs are generally caused by laser cutting, plasma cutting, oxy fuel cutting, punching etc.

We have the benefit of being able to offer machines from the top European machine builders:

Robot Systems
Southern Engineering Equipment offer robot systems that can offer the following finishes on your products: Graining, Brushed, Random Finish, Orbital Finish, Dressing, Swirled and Polished.    

We offer top and bottom working machines as well as standard top working machines.  We are happy visit and discuss your requirements and process some parts and prove the process.

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Shaped Components

Sheet metal and Stainless-Steel shaped components
Ranging from small complex pieces to large enclosures. Kuhlmeyer (GmbH)are the premier supplier of this type of machinery and technology. We have over 80 Kuhlmeyer ZBS machines installed within the UK. Used for graining stainless steel, weld dressing, grinding and final finishing/ component dressing.

Wet Grinding and Graining

The German built Lissmac SMW range of wet working machines are the world market leaders of this technology. These robust and totally flexible machines are built to give you 24/7 production and are known for their reliability and giving a consistent product finish   

Call 01202 830844 to arrange for free technical advice and product testing