• High quality low maintenance construction
  • Stable and resilient aluminium frame with exact table design for precision stone cutting
  • The special LISSMAC water spraying system guarantees optimum saw blade cooling and immediate removal of debris with very low water consumption
  • Removable spray protection
  • Standard wheel set simplifies moving on the building site and loading in a vehicle.
  • Aluminium table with integrated stop and easily legible, slanted scale
  • Simple handling due to lightweight design
  • Flexibly adjustable cut lengths using an adjustable saw head
  • Simple saw blade change via removable saw hood cover
  • The light plastic water basin can be removed for cleaning and for transport
  • Simple transport due to removable saw head and folding table legs
  • The LISSMAC guidance system, made of rust-free stainless steel rollers and stainless steel rails with plastic sliding bearings, is extremely long-lasting and guarantees precise saw table guidance with very low dirt accumulation
  • Good view of the saw cut through narrow saw blade protective hood
  • The complete screwed connection ensures simple replacement of individual machine parts
  • Fast removal of the water pump via detachable plug-in connectors
  • On/off switch with emergency stop function, user-friendly in a protected location

Technical data / Standard dimension:

ATS 400
cut depth series 110 mm
cut depth max. 135 mm
cut length 600 mm
saw blade Ø series 350 mm
saw blade Ø max. 400 mm
saw blade holder 25,4 mm
motor output 2,2 kW / 230 V
saw blade speed 2800 1/min
dimensions (L/W/H) 1140/620/1230 mm
weight 73 kg
ATS 450
cut depth series 150 mm
cut depth max. 190 mm
cut length 720 mm
saw blade Ø series 450 mm
saw blade Ø max. 500 mm
saw blade holder 25.4 mm
motor output 2.2 kW / 230 V
saw blade speed 1800 1/min
dimensions (L/W/H) 1340/620/1350 mm
weight 86 kg