Weld seam preparation: Universal Edge Beveller Type UKF

The Universal Edge Beveller Type UKF is designed for the high requirements of weld seam preparation without any critical heat influence on the material / edges. The flexible machine concept, with different table sizes, pressure bars and levels of automation, will be specified for customers requirements.

The high-performance belt grinding process meets all requirements of precision bevels and strips, a clean and metallic-blank seam surface and minimal heat influence.

Application areas:

  • Vehicle industry
  • Heavy equipment industry
  • Shipbuilding, Shipyards
  • Steel construction
  • Crane production
  • Steel-service-center

Technical data / Standard dimension:

  • Table sizes with 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m and 18m
  • Motor Power between 18,5 kW 
  • Material removal rate up to 200 cm³/min
  • Grinding belt speed up to 38 m/s
  • Grinding angle from -45° to +88°
  • Forward speed of grinding unit up to 8 m/min
  • Machine control PLC make by Simatic S7 

Options / Variations:

  • Additional grinding units
  • Open Sideframe. Longer workpieces can be machined by tacting through the working area (workpiece longer then tablesize)
  • Pressure bars with higher pressure (up to 30 tons)
  • Beveling and edge preparation in automatic flow
  • Support jigs and transportation rolls for easy material flow and handling
  • Dust exhaust
  • Noise- and Dustprotection housing

Advantages of the Universal Edge Beveller Type UKF:

  • Savings of approx. 50% – 60% of machining time by higher motor power and material removal rate in comparison to milling lathes or plasma-burning
  • Significant less investment and production costs then Milling lathes or plasma cutter
  • Hourly rate around 70 € is possible, an average dimension of 80 – 100 m/h of bevel-length can be reached. This leads into a rough number of only 0,70 to 0,80 €/m in costs
  • With the state of the art grinding belts (CubitronII) a high removal and lifetime rate by constant quality can be reached. There is only a very low heat influence on the material surface, which grants a highly acceptance for further welding and surface preparation without additional work required
  • The grinding belt reaches a speed up to 38 m/s
  • Bevel angle from -45° up to +88° in one operation without intermediate handling and setup
  • By using the very rigid table surface and movable stop-units the workpieces can be easily and repeatable positioned. The downtime for setup will be reduced to a minimum
  • Very good access from the front side
  • Controls S7 with OP-Panel is easily and safe to use from Operator
  • The UKF allows to grind also pockets on the bevel edges in one operation
  • All parameters, like dimensions, speeds, pressure, removal profiles, overlapping etc. are easy to program and setup
  • Integrated calculation tool for easy programming: input of bevel angle and depth, length and material is enough to produce a new program
  • Quick change of grinding belt within a minute by self-centering of belts
  • High reliability of grinding belts by automated oscillation
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