KEF Polette 6 NEB

The KEF POLETTE quality polishing machine is the obvious choice for craft and industrial businesses that are in need of a robust and reliable polishing machine which can run continuously without cooling stops. The slim machine body of the polishing machine coupled with the great distance between the polishing wheels gives plenty of space for polishing on either wheel. The polishing machine can be geared to practically any application, among other things, by mounting grinding wheels of various coarseness, steel brushes, wire brushes, polishing wheels or belt arms.

The powerful motor unit, whether single or three-phase, is completely enclosed with a solidly designed stator housing and end shields, and fully protected against dust. POLETTE can run continuously without any cooling stops.

TOP SAFETY on all our bench grinders.

The polishing screens together with the conical spindles provide great freedom of movement for polishing various materials. POLETTE meets all quality and safety requirements, cf. the CE marking with separate emergency stop and on/off switch. All POLETTE machines are offered, against a small extra charge, with a motor brake.

Product features
  • Effective motor with 5 years’ warranty
  • Quiet and stable because of the well-balanced polishing wheels
  • Large polishing guards as well as a switch with a separate emergency stop, makes the machine safe and compliant with the CE Directive.
Wide range of spare parts and accessories

POLETTE can be varied and adapted to your needs with extra equipment such as belt arm, steel brush, tapered spindle and/or polishing mop, polishing rubber, felt pad, grinding wheels of various coarseness.

Product Specifications

Bench model

Drill chuck (mm)


Machine height (mm)


Machine length (mm)


Machine width (mm)


Motor (Watt)


Net weight (kg)


Number of spindle speeds 1


Voltage 1×230/240V-50/60 Hz

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