KEF professional heavy double industrial grinders

BO is characterized by a simple but strong stable construction. The great distance between grinding arms makes these machines very suitable for grinding of curved issues. The machines are available with one and two speed and can be fitted with an abrasive band on one side and polishing belt on the other side.

The BO machines have a low noise level both mechanical and electrical. BO machines are prepared for connection to the central dust extraction system or the can be supplied with a complete dust exhaust unit.

The solidly dimensioned wheel guards and flanges with all current safety requirements. Adjustable spark arresters and eye shields are supplied as standard equipment.

Can be delivered on pedestal, with working table and water cup or on EX-16 pedestal with built in dust extraction.

  • Pedestal
  • Working table with water cup
  • Complete extraction units

Product Specifications

Bench model

On Pedestal

Without exhaust

Grinding belt(mm)


Motor (kW)


Number of spindle speeds


Rpm 2800/3300
Voltage 3×400/440V-50/60 Hz

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