Euro Fintec 128DL Double Head Centreless Grinder

Suitable to sand, grind, clean, polish or glaze round pieces with a diameter ranging from 5 to 150 mm. and a maximum weight of approximately 20 Kg. The centreless units operate at variable speed to adjust the rolling speed to the diameter of the piece and are equipped with three different supports as standard. The counter wheels are adjusted electronically and in continuous progression from 15 to 75 rpm.

The contact wheels can be replaced with other wheels with different hardness to obtain the best results. The prismatic guide that supports the piece is easy to adjust and covered with plastic antifriction material, which can be replaced with fibre brushes.
The electrical system is in compliance with standards and installed in a sealed metallic box.

The auto-filtering suction system is equipped with a centrifugal dust separator for mechanical dedusting. Available also on wet version.

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