3M™ Stripe Off Wheel, 4 in x 5/8 in

Our 3M™ Stripe Off Wheel was designed for high-speed removal of vinyl, decals, tape, graphics and double sided molding striping and trim. We engineered this wheel to help operators achieve effective and efficient decal removal without damaging the surface below.

Use 3M™ Stripe Off Wheel for high speed removal of vinyl, decals tape, graphics and double-sided moulding striping and trim.

Our wheels are engineered to help operators work quickly, efficiently and effectively to removal unwanted decals and stripes, without causing any damage to the surface below.

They measure 101.6 mm diameter and 15.88 mm thickness, which makes them ideal for working on small, hard-to-remove detailing. They’re solid, moulded and durable with a long service life, and a maximum 4,000 RPM.

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