Scotch-Brite™ EX3 Deburring Wheel X3-WL, FIN

Scotch-Brite™ EX3 Deburring Wheel is a convolute-constructed, hard, durable deburring wheel suited for applications where edge retention is a must. The wheel performs best when consistently presented with a sharp edge or metal burrs. A unique resin system resists smearing and heat buildup.

Use Scotch-Brite™ EX3 Deburring Wheel to deburr, blend, finish and polish edges on glass, hard or soft composites and metals – including builder’s hardware, medical instruments, metal fabrication, metal implants, plumbing fixtures and turbine engines.

Due to its hard density, it is not recommended to use our EX3 for applications where conformability and finishing of flat surfaces are required

These wheels perform best when consistently presented with a sharp edge or metal burrs.

Features a non-woven web that runs cool and lessens impact on heat sensitive materials. A unique resin system produces less smearing, reducing clean and prep time.

They are available with silicon carbide or aluminium oxide abrasive mineral. Silicon carbide is a synthetic mineral that is very sharp and commonly used for low-pressure applications such as paint prep and finishing. Aluminium oxide is a hard, blocky mineral that provides high cut-rate and long life. While silicon carbide breaks down faster than aluminium oxide, it produces a finer finish

Scotch-Brite abrasives are unique surface conditioning products with abrasives incorporated into a non-woven fibre matrix. Combining abrasives and non-woven material creates an abrasive system that delivers consistent results for the life of the product. The open-web material runs cool and is load resistant, which keeps the abrasive minerals cutting at high performance by limiting clogging of the fibres.

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