3M™ Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheel, T27, 7 mm

3M™ Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheel is our type 27 wheel, designed to deliver an unbeatable combination of performance and value that delivers a fast and consistent cut during grinding and heavy stock removal on stainless steel, mild steel, aerospace alloys and more.

For aggressive grinding applications such as beveling, flame cut smoothing, weld grinding and edge work on a variety of metals use 3M™ Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheel. The wheel features our Precision Shaped Grain, which continually fractures into super-sharp points and edges that slice cleanly through metal, rather than gouging or ploughing as traditional abrasives do. This helps it to last significantly longer than conventional ceramic grain abrasives while maintaining a high cut-rate over its life. Use with tools and accessories designed for depressed center grinding wheels. For safety, always use on a tool with an approved guard, as per DIN EN 12413 for Bonded Abrasives.

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