3M™ High Performance Depressed Center Grinding Wheel, T27

This Depressed Center Grinding wheel contains ceramic grain for fast cut and long life. Specially formulated to be used on stainless and mild steel.

Use 3M™ High Performance Depressed Centre Grinding Wheel for a long lasting, fast cutting abrasive wheel. Our depressed centre wheels feature 3M™Ceramic Abrasive Grain which is specially formulated to cut cool – making it ideal for heat sensitive metals like stainless and mild steel.

The rapid cut of our depressed centre grinding wheel makes it perfect for operators who want efficient and consistent performance during grinding and stock removal applications. These high performance wheels are excellent for grinding ferrous alloys.

The Type 27 depressed centre enables flanges or attachment systems to recess within the wheel, so they do not damage the substrate or inhibit performance.

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