3M™ Cut & Grind Wheel, T27, 4.2 mm x 22.2 mm

3M™ Cut & Grind Wheels are engineered to help you get more work done for your dollar. They blast through tough jobs with a fast, smooth cut … with less pressure … and with less chatter on back gouging and root pass grinding. 3M Precision Shaped Grain technology slices through metal with super-sharp, micro-replicated points for a cooler, faster and longer lasting cut than conventional crushed abrasive grain. Plus, these long-lasting wheels need fewer changes, so you can power through the daily grind much faster.

3M™ Cut & Grind Wheels can function as both a depressed center grinding wheel and a cut-off wheel, for everyday high performance in a wide range of applications:
• Cutting
• Grinding
• Back gouging
• Root pass grinding
• Notching
• Beveling
• Fillet grinding

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