3M™ Stikit™ Hand Block, 70mm x 127mm, Yellow

Made of a sturdy, durable, high strength material. These blocks have an embossed rubber face which allows good adhesion for Stikit™ Sheet-Rolls and Stikit™ sheets.

3M™ Stikit™ Hand Block is a tough, flexible moulded block for paint preparation. Our blocks are easy to grip and handle, and offer excellent control during paint prep and other fine grade sanding tasks – on both flat surfaces and contours. The easy release blue vinyl face keeps constant contact with the work surface, for consistent results.

Our hand blocks allow Stikit sheets and rolls to adhere well, with no slipping, to promote effective, smooth sanding. Stikit sheets come with a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on the reverse – attaching them is as simple as pressing on a sticker and they remove cleanly.
Accepts Stikit™ sheets for quick change outs;Allows the user to block sand on flat surface or in contours;Easy release blue vinyl face maintains consistent contact with work surface;Rolls or sheets won’t slip for effective, smooth sanding;Tough yet flexible moulded foam construction allows for block sanding on flat surfaces or in contours

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