Scotch-Brite™ SR Radial Bristle Disc SS-ZB, 9.53 mm(Hole)

Our Scotch-Brite™ SR Radial Bristle Disc has sharp plastic abrasive particles interspersed on flexible, spring-like bristles that conform to the substrate. The sharp cutting action and flexibility of Radial Bristle Discs make them a great match for light seam sealant removal.

Use Scotch-Brite™ SR Radial Bristle Disc for removing light unwanted coatings, without also taking off the underlying coatings. Our bristle discs are a good alternative to compounds and hand scraping, with less operator fatigue and time spent on rework. There is no need for harsh chemicals, specialised ventilation or clean up equipment.

Used at recommended operating speeds, SR Radial Bristle Discs remove light seal sealant, silicones and adhesives from most surfaces. Unlike other similar wheel products, the bristles have no hard edges, so they can be compressed to fit into curves and hollows without creating damaging gouges and trails on the work piece.

Scotch-Brite™ discs have flexible bristles that conform to the part, creating a uniform finish even around protrusions, detail grooves, patterns and other hard to reach areas.

They come with Roloc™ attachment accessories, including plastic Roloc buttons and holders. These buttons and holders were designed to make fastening the disc to portable hand tools, like right angle grinders and straight grinders, quick and easy. With half turns, operators can quickly attach or detach the disc to the grinder, for fast change outs between discs.

Scotch-Brite SR Radial Bristle Discs can also be used with a variety of 3M™ Mandrels to adjust widths and tailor the size to meet specific task needs. Minimal pressure and force is needed as the aggressive cutting action, responsive bristle design and power of the tool combine to do the work for the operator.

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