3M™ Trizact™ Cloth 953FA, 630 mm x 50 m, A16

Use 3M™ Trizact™ Cloth 953FA, constructed with a ceramic grain bonded to an XF-weight cloth backing. Our 953FA cloth comes in grades from A160 to A6. Custom sizes are available.

Dimension and blend in wet centreless or flat grinding applications on ferrous, stainless steel and nonferrous workpieces with 3M™ Trizact™ Cloth 953FA.
953FA cloth is available in custom sizes.

The XF-weight backing is less stiff than YF – striking a balance between durability and flexibility. These attributes make it a good match for finishing applications, which require a sturdy abrasive that is still sensitive to surface irregularities. This cloth backing also uses a resin bonding which is specially designed to resist thermal and chemical deterioration occurring during sanding. It delivers excellent results on a wide range of metals including titanium, zirconium and other alloys – for outstanding quality, throughput and cost savings.

953FA cloth is available in grades from A160 to A6. In addition A300 is available on a stiffer YF-weight backing.

Ceramic blend products feature aluminium oxide blended with ceramic grain for a harder, longer-lasting abrasive. Perfect for stock removal, ceramic abrasives are engineered to fracture frequently and can handle intense heat and stress applications. This ceramic and aluminium oxide blend surpasses aluminium oxide abrasives in both cut-rate and durability.

3M Trizact abrasives revitalise light dimensioning and finishing work by reducing processing steps, increasing throughput and creating consistency. Large benefits are achieved through a 3M technology called microreplication. During microreplication, small three-dimensional structures resembling pyramids adhere to a backing. These pyramids contain layers of mineral that begin to break down after repeated use, continually exposing fresh mineral. This cycle of mineral renewal sustains the abrasive’s sharpness. The ongoing sharp cutting action reduces the need to swap out the abrasive, contributing to higher throughput and increased productivity. Additionally, because the mineral is uniformly distributed over the abrasive surface, the workpiece receives fixed, rather than erratic, contact for a consistent cut.

From medical implants and surgical tools to automotive transmission components, 3M Trizact abrasives are uniquely suited for projects with acute technical requirements – delivering a consistent finish part after part.

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